Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When I got home...

I got home promptly at 4pm, opened up a beer, and took a shower. I've been toying with the idea of installing a cup(bottle) holder in the shower for a while now, for said post work drinks. The shower caddy had to do today. The beer standing next to the pomegranate exfoliating shower gel that my girlfriend favors. I needed to play with my ass. My girlfriend doesn't like it when I play with the butt toys when she's not home. She wants butt time too. I decided on these, pictured here. Ass balls. They had been in the drawer for a while, and needed some attention. They have little metal balls inside, that move around and vibrate. Dear lord in heaven, these little black balls work wonders! So there I was, taking advantage of myself in the shower... grabbing a swig of beer every now and then. Beer and ass balls. Kind of sums up what this blog is about. It's new, and hopefully interesting to all of you. It is to me. I'm pretty sure there are more of you out there, just like me. Ass balls and beer, waiting for the GF to come by. Maybe getting dinner ready. Anyway, I'll only be recomending products on here every now and then, but trust me, these are worth it!

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